A safe space

I consider this blog to be a safe space for my thoughts without having to really care about who’s reading the words in it.

Over the years, I’ve seen social media (twitter) turn from something that presented itself as a means by which people could respectfully express themselves into an avenue for others to be rude, cause harm and oftentimes, chase “clout“.

Facebook works really hard in ensuring they prevent any form of rudeness or cyberbullying across their products, and I think other services can emulate that.

Sometimes blocking doesn’t just cut it. Users now have to be extremely careful about what they put out there. Most ‘influencers’ are really not helping. Some profiles now prefer to be kept private, and I keep asking myself — for how long will this continue?

These days it’s quite difficult to disagree with someone or even try to have meaningful conversations with them. If we all can be respectful to people and empathetic enough, I believe some of these problems can be curtailed.