It was a day to Christmas and I was home alone thinking about how to spend my day. I usually like to be alone in the house but not during periods like this. So on this faithful day, I was scrolling through my Twitter feed and saw a series of birthday photos that was RT’d to my timeline. The images really caught my attention, and I kept wondering who was this pretty lady that I haven’t seen before. I think I might have even liked the tweet by mistake, I can’t remember.

The tweet

Before then, I’d been looking to get into a blissful relationship, and all the previous ladies I had interacted with were either not ready, interested, or showing signs of seriousness.

So I forwarded the tweet to a friend of mine telling him about my intentions of messaging this lady. I first went through her Twitter profile, I couldn’t really learn much about her there, so I searched for her on Instagram with the same username. To my surprise, I noticed we have a lot of mutuals, so I assumed she probably attends my church (CCI) or went to my school (Covenant University) – I guessed right.

Her Instagram profile had more information that I could use to learn more about her. From her bio, feed, and story highlights, I could already tell to some extent the kind of person she was. My only issue was that I couldn’t dictate if she was still in the UK or in Nigeria.

My intentions were already clear even before reaching out to her. I had a list of things I was looking for in a person that will be necessary for a relationship with me to work. I checked her LinkedIn also, I noticed she just concluded her Master’s program at the University of Bath with a distinction, but her location was reading Kaduna – a big problem.

It was already past 12 pm and I was hooked on “How to Ruin Christmas” to pass time, as I didn’t have many activities for that day. I really can’t remember in detail how that day went but I know for sure that this lady was on my mind for the most part of it. So I took the risk – I went to her profile on Instagram again and tapped the follow button 😬.

I was preparing for bed and then I got a notification! she followed back. It wasn’t even up to 5 mins. I was excited, and for sure I slept well 🙃. The next morning (Christmas day) as I woke up, I noticed some activity on my Twitter account. It was Adetoro, she had searched for me on Twitter and gave me a follow!

After some mins, I sent her a message on Instagram since we both had more content there to spark up conversations with. My first message had to be crafted in a way that she couldn’t ignore though I didn’t really think much into it. I usually have a certain type of message I use to reach out to people when meeting them online for the first time, depending on the context. In this case, I had to kill two birds with one stone.

First series of messages with Toro

She responded immediately like she was anticipating my message, lol. We texted back and forth and I could tell already that we had a number of things in common. She just got back from the UK. She mentioned that she was in Kaduna and only visits Abuja when necessary. In my head, I was already 5 steps ahead. I was already thinking about how a relationship with her was going to work out or not with this kind of distance. Before I dropped my phone, I made sure I collected her number that morning.

You know the vibes

To be continued…

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