2018 in review

The year 2018 was a really interesting one. Lots of ups and downs but I’m grateful I was able to scale through.

IELTS / Postgrad Prep

The year started with me taking my IELTS test for my Postgrad Studies and I got admitted into two schools. I won’t go into much detail about an interesting event that happened at my test center, but let’s just say humans will always be humans.

The following weeks and months had me preparing for my post-grad studies; visiting various offices and ensuring I had all the necessary documents required.

I should probably write about why I finally decided to enroll in a Postgrad Program at a later time.

Business / Career

I got approached by a few companies and approached others as well, as I was seeking places to work as a full-time product/digital/web designer. If only they had what I was looking for.

At this time, I was also freelancing for a few individuals, startups, agencies, and corporate clients. Business wasn’t so good in 2018 as some potential clients pulled out of negotiations on some major projects.

Overall, I got to work with brands and organizations like First Pension Custodian, Devcenter, Salt & Truth, and Donald Duke to name a few.

Layo & Tunde’s Wedding

A major part of 2018 had us preparing for my sister’s wedding. My sister was getting married to her fiance and long-term boyfriend. I wasn’t able to be an integral part of all the planning but I am glad I was able to help and contribute when I could (I designed their wedding IV, did market runs, etc.). The event was a successful one.

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My brother decided to display his skills.

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UWE Bristol

I chose UWE as my preferred school for my post-grad for a couple of reasons. Bristol happens to be one of the major cities in England / UK, and the school had the right opportunities I was seeking at that time.

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I explored Creative Technology of which I was among the pioneer candidates for the course. It is an emerging field that is a mixture of art, design, science, technology, and the humanities. My first few months at school had me trying to find my place and focus in the program as it was a very diverse one. Funny enough, this was actually what made me choose the program among the others I had discovered.

Image by Dolores Joya

3 months in and I had already started building stuff. I worked on a multi-sensory interactive audio-visual system that receives data inputs like touch and sound to displace fishes in a virtual aquarium. Future projects that will be explored and executed during my course of study will be hosted here.

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I turned 24 on the 13th of December without any plans for that day. I stayed up all night working on a few things and decided I was going to stay indoors all day. I was still new to the city and didn’t know many people (asides from my Nigerian housemates and course-mate) to even hang out with. My sister succeeded in making me leave the house. I decided to go out alone and explore a few places (Thanks to google maps). First was a park, then a free museum (who goes to a museum on their birthday?), then decided to finally have dinner at a restaurant. That was pretty much how that day went.

Love / Relationship

As 2018 ended, so did my relationship of 5 years. I won’t go into much detail about that but I’d rather share some lessons I learned while exploring love at a much later time.

These are a few highlights from 2018 that I can recall, and I can’t wait to write another year’s review as it comes to an end again.